"We like HomeBased Realty®  because the out of pocket expenses to the agent is considerably less.  We also enjoy the available tools and up to date information and support.  We have a mature working environment.  We highly recommend HomeBased Realty®  to other agents." ~ Paul & Janine Koster ,800-568-8922 xt.298, TeamKoster@HomeBasedRealty.com 


"I came to HomeBased Realty® in 2000 after being with two of the largest real estate companies in North America. My first year at HomeBased Realty®, I earned almost exactly to the dollar what I had earned the prior year. I then knew what I had suspected all along. People use you because of who you are, not because of the name on the sign. Joe has been an excellent broker to work for. He does not meddle in your business, You are free to do things your own way, as long as you follow the proper guidelines. As a former deputy sheriff, his inner cop has taught him how to read people and get along with them. He never gets too high or too low. His commission program is very fair for all parties. Joe puts his family before his business as he should. He is constantly up on all the latest technology and looks for ways to make things easier, smarter and faster. I recommend him highly as a person and as a broker. Feel free to call me with any questions you might have. I have been in the business for 25 years as a full time agent."~ Wayne Foss , 800-568-8922 xt. 210,  WayneFoss@HomeBasedRealty.com


"I joined HomeBased Realty® in May of 2012, after 29 years in the business. In the 29 years I have not changed companies often. I was always in the business of helping people and that did not leave much time for me to take care of myself.  I worked hard and was consistently a Top Producer in the company I was affiliated with.  All my business came from repeat clients, referrals, past client and the social circle of people in my life,  I always had a private office at the company, but I mostly worked from home. Business was good and I was “almost” happy with it. What bothered me was that I never received any referral business from the company, but the company always received a good portion of my income.This all changed in 2012. In 2011 I made almost $500K. I received my 1099 for that year and when I looked at the amount of money I’d given to the company I decided it’s time for a change. I had to take care of myself and still provide all my clients with the same superior quality of service.I went online and searched for a “virtual” company. I was in luck – HomeBased Realty® was the 1st company listed in Google.  I read about it and then called Joe Morales, the owner and the Broker of the company. He was friendly, professional and patiently answered all my questions.I knew that HomeBased Realty® is a perfect match for me. I worked from home for years so that part of the business set up worked just fine for me.  HomeBased Realty® provides me with ongoing support in all spheres of my business, such as online education, keeping me informed and updated when there is a change in the one of CAR forms. HomeBased Realty® provides me and my clients with a great Company Website as well as a personal web page for me! And more important is that Joe is always available and there for me if I need help or advise during a transaction. I am getting so much for the nominal fee I am paying HomeBased Realty®. I would recommend all agents and Brokers to join HomeBased Realty®. I wish I did it many years ago". Erika Isyanov-Lotakov, 800.568.8922 xt. 229 , ErikaL@HomeBasedRealty.com 



"I joined HomeBased Realty on or about April 1st.2015. When I told my friends what I had done they were all delighted that this was not an April Fools joke. It was an excellent change for me.  I found the people extra ordinarily helpful and friendly. The entire group, especially, Joe Morales (Broker) was patient and welcoming; they did their rapid best to make a newcomer feel at home. Like any change of company, one has to get accustomed to new procedures as well as making many adjustments. So far it has been really easy and pleasurable.  I have been in the industry 12 years . This change has been an important step towards professional freedom and increased income. Come on down" ~ Eva Harris , 800-568-8922 xt.217,  Eva@HomeBasedRealty.com 

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